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5 Free Ways to Save Time With The Social Media Applications I Love

Getting a company social media profile up and going can be a daunting task.  And keeping up with your social media profile can be completely overwhelming.

Too many times I have seen people invest the time and energy to set up their social media profiles, only to have the accounts ignored and left to fade away because no one felt they had the time to keep up with the stream of information coming at them from sources like Facebook and Twitter.

So, I’ve assembled a short list of the Social Media Applications for business I absolutely love, because they actually save you a lot of time and energy.  They make managing your online social network a heck of a lot easier, and the best part, these social media applications are all free!


Social Media Training by Crema in Kelowna BC1. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a very popular social media aggregation tool, which essentially means it’s a website that allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, PingFM, LinkedIn, FourSquare and MySpace profiles.

Having so much of your profile information in once place is in itself a huge time saver!  And with Hootsuite, you can schedule your social media messages to go out when you want.  Write up all your tweets, status updates, blog posts etc. in one place and have them go out on the net while you’re away from your computer.

Hootsuite’s ability to easily sort the information coming in to you from your networks means you’re going to get the messages you want to hear while clearing out a lot of the chatter.


Social Media Training by Crema in Kelowna BC2. Buffer

Buffer‘s a newcomer to the game of social media tools, but they’ve brought something very clever to the table.  Instead of being a separate tool that requires you to open it up, drop the tweet/link/ReTweet into the text box, choose when the tweet will go out, and then schedule, Buffer is a one click tweet scheduling tool that sits nicely in your browser nav bar.

So when I’m surfing the web and I find something that I want to share with our super great Twitter community, I hit the Buffer button tucked next to my Chrome navigation bar and my potential tweet pops up.  I can either set the tweet to go out during my pre-determined schedule, or right now.

And that’s it.  How handy is that?  The answer is very.


3. Twitter Search

Becoming a Twitter Search master is not as hard as it sounds.  And once you know how to harness this amazingly powerful search tool, you’ll be able to finely target the Twitter conversations you want to be apart of.

Want to know what people are saying about their dog?  Enter it into the search.  Want to see who many people need gardening help?  Enter it into the search.

Use Twitter Search to find Tweeters in your area.  In the search bar on the home page enter: near:location within:distance in miles or kilometers.  You can even enter a postal code or zip code into the “near:” query and get accurate results.

And check out the advanced search option to help get the exact information you’re looking for, fast.


Social Media Training by Crema in Kelowna BC

4. TweetMeme

When it comes to successful social media marketing, if you don’t have people tuning in to what you are saying you might as well be talking to yourself.  And one of the most powerful ways to build a Twitter and Facebook following is to share interesting links.

The tough part can be finding the links that will draw people to you.

Tweetmeme is a great site that collects the links that people are tweeting into one place.  You can easily see what people are sharing and re-tweet it yourself.  Plus, knowing what’s being passed around the networks gives you conversation starter ideas.  So when you post a Tweetmeme link, don’t just re-tweet, use the link as an opportunity to engage with your followers.


Social Media Training by Crema in Kelowna BC5. Alltop

Like I said before, sharing interesting links from other web sources is a powerful way to gather people to your Twitter or Facebook feeds; also to your blog, and forums you post on.  Sharing links is a great way to build credibility as being knowledgable in your field.

Keeping on top of all the relevant links, however can be a daunting task.  The web is full of information and sifting through the mass of articles to find something relevant can be very time-consuming

Alltop is the quick and simple solution to finding tons of links.  Once you sign up with Alltop and create an account, you will be able to do a search on your relevant topic and find a wealth of information from across the web.  And one of the best parts of Alltop, is you create your own homepage of links that you can refer people to.

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