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Saving Time With Social Media

Although many Social Media platforms are free of charge, they are far from free when you calculate the actual cost of implementing them for your business. A common complaint we hear from people when discussing Social Media for business is probably something you are familiar…

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The Joys Of Google Analytics

You’re a smart person.  You might own or run a small business.  You manage the day to day, keep the books in order, ensure your customers are happy. When it comes to your website… you’re happy knowing it’s there, and even understand why you need…

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How to Write SEO Optimized Web Content

Don’t be this person: In order to write highly optimized content that is going to be ranked highly by search engines, you need to use your keywords frequently in your optimized content. This is how to write optimized content when you’re learning how to write…

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I’ve Tried Nothing And I’m All Out Of Ideas

I’ve been lucky to be apart of the marketing and development of a few start-ups.  They’ve all been small, started-from-the-home businesses with very small marketing budgets, so social media was heavily relied on for their marketing.  And each time I got them going marketing online,…

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There’s No Easy Button

For what feels like the 200th time this month, a client has approached me with another marketer’s email or website with promises of internet greatness. Promises to get them the number one spot on Google, offers to tweet for them 8 times a day, guaranteed hundreds, no thousands, of devoted followers hanging on the business’s every word.

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