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Going Old School: The Press Release

I’m going to take you back… way back… all the way to 1998. Will Smith was still making music, ‘Shakespeare In Love’ totally robbed ‘Life Is Beautiful’ for the Oscar win and we all loved our high waisted jeans. Yes, life was good.

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3 Questions That Have Nothing To Do With Social Media

Social media isn’t everything. That’s right, I said it. Social media is revolutionizing the way people share information and having a profound effect on how businesses spreads their message. But social media is not going to reach everyone and online marketing will not meet all a small business’s marketing needs.

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There’s No Easy Button

For what feels like the 200th time this month, a client has approached me with another marketer’s email or website with promises of internet greatness. Promises to get them the number one spot on Google, offers to tweet for them 8 times a day, guaranteed hundreds, no thousands, of devoted followers hanging on the business’s every word.

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