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No Place For The Hard Sell - Marketing by Crema

No Place For The Hard Sale

No one wants to go to a party with their friends only to find the room full of sales people.  That would be one party that would empty out pretty quick.  People who feel like they’re being rushed at by companies trying to sell them something will just stop listening; they will abandon a site pretty quick as well as the company doing the selling.


Where should that leave a company’s social media business strategies?


When starting your social media marketing campaign, keep in mind that this isn’t your chance to do some cheap advertising.  Rather, think of starting your company’s  social media network as the opportunity to communicate with your customers.  Social media marketing is about improving customer service, company communication and informing people about what is happening with the company.

An unsuccessful social media marketing campaign will come off as an ad.  A successful social media marketing campaign is a business being a part of the conversation.

Endless tweets about how awesome your product is and status updates about how your company is the best ever will not get the results your want.  Instead what you’re putting out will be viewed as spam and tuned out.


Use your online campaign to inform

  • Offer coupons for your products.
  • Have exclusive offers for those who follow you on Facebook or Twitter.
  • What new and interesting developments happening in your business or industry can you share?
  • People want to know more about who to better use/make the best out of your goods and services, tell them how.
  • Encourage customer collaboration by asking them to post pictures, video or haikus.
  • Create a sense of community and identity among those who follow you company online, great branding does half that work for you.


Investing the time to create the long-term connection with people is what social media marketing is all about.  Invest in building connections and you’ll be surprised at what you get in return.


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