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Saving Time With Social Media

Although many Social Media platforms are free of charge, they are far from free when you calculate the actual cost of implementing them for your business. A common complaint we hear from people when discussing Social Media for business is probably something you are familiar with.

“I don’t even have time to find the right content, much less share and discuss it.”

There are a lot of tools out there to help you share content and schedule when your posts are to be shared. A couple favourites that we use all the time are HootSuite and Buffer. But something that often goes overlooked when using Social Media for your business is an Editorial Calendar, and we are happy to offer ours to you for FREE at the bottom of this post. Please read through the post for some tips on how to use this resource and get as much benefit from it as possible.


Why do you need a Social Media Editorial Calendar?

To save time. To increase efficiency within your team. To keep some semblance of sanity while wading through the vast ocean of content that is the internet and trying to determine what is worth sharing. An editorial calendar will:

Help Manage Your Content

Manage the content being collected by you and your team, and make sure it maintains the themes and voice of your company’s brand.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Allow you to plan your posts in advance giving you time to react and reply on Social Media to actually be ‘social’.

Save You Time & Money

Save you time every day as well as labour dollars from having to manage your accounts and post content daily.

Tips for using your Social Media Editorial Calendar

Like any tool, an editorial calendar is only useful if you use it. But it can be difficult introducing a new tool into your daily routine. A Social Media editorial calendar will streamline your workflow when managing the Social Media for your business. Here’s how:


Topics of Content

Use your editorial calendar to outline your topics of content. This will guide you and your team when you are looking for or creating content that you are planning on sharing.  Make sure that if you are sharing content responsibilities with your team that everyone is familiar with your company voice and the style of language you use, as well as the personality you wish to project.


Scheduling Content

Plan ahead to create balance in your posting schedule. Try to offer unique and interesting content to your audience on a consistent basis, and try to be aware of when your audience is most likely to be watching their feeds. Once you have your week or month planned out for your base content, use one of the suggested tools from above (if you like something else for scheduling, let us know in the comments!) to schedule your posts ahead of time so you don’t have to go in to your Social Media profiles and post every day.


Types of Content

A Social Media editorial calendar is also very useful to give balance to the types of content you share with your audience. Seeing a week or month of posts in advance will allow you to see our ratio of blog links to videos to images to quotes, etc. You can then make sure that you are not falling into a pattern which could get boring for your audience, and possibly even turn them away.


Final Thoughts

While a tool like an editorial calendar is an excellent way to help manage your company’s Social Media, you must always remember one thing:

“Social Media is meant to be Social”

So use an editorial calendar… use a scheduling platform to help manage your time. But then keep your eyes and ears open for the conversations that are happening around that content. Watch for your audience to interact with your business on your Social Media accounts and when they do, join in the conversation! Use your tools to free more time for the conversations that people are looking to have on Social Media. When you do that, people will be more likely to continue to engage with your brand, and more likely to support you and your business.

To help you on your way, we have created this Social Media Editorial Calendar for you to use for your business. Feel free to take it and use it how you like. Hopefully it will help you in scheduling out your company’s Social Media, giving you more time to take care of your customers. Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you like what we have to offer please sign up (in the sidebar) to stay up-to-date on all of our resources, tips, and tricks.





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