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The Joys Of Google Analytics

You’re a smart person.  You might own or run a small business.  You manage the day to day, keep the books in order, ensure your customers are happy. When it comes to your website… you’re happy knowing it’s there, and even understand why you need it for your business… but do you have any ideas on what exactly it’s doing?

These days, there are not many businesses that can get away without having a website.  You need to have a URL to direct people to when they ask, and it needs to reflect your visual identity as well as deliver the functionality that your customers require. But that’s not all! You need to know things like your monthly visitor stats, who is visiting your site and where they are from. Without this information, how will you ever convert more of those visits into sales? Analytics and statistics are the only way to truly reflect how well your website is performing for you and your business. Having a website is no longer enough.


Hope is not a strategy.


Not long ago, it was enough for a business to simply “be online”. To have a website.

Today, if your business has a website, then it is actually in a fierce competition to climb the mountain that is Google so that people can find you and your business. While Google is not the only player on the search engine scene (Bing, Yahoo… AOL Search anyone?), it is absolutely true that they dominate the market share. So if you are playing in the Google arena… you may want to consider wearing the home team jersey. Enter Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Reporting and Management by CremaGoogle Analytics is a free and somewhat easy to use service. Signing up allows you to create a custom piece of code for your website. By adding this code to your site, Google will track all of the cool stats and info that lets you know how your website is doing. Where your visitors are coming from, what content they are reading and downloading, how long they are staying, and where in the sales pipe are you losing them. Simply logging into your analytics account will give you instant access to all of this and much more.

You can manage a single site, or many. You can track your email marketing campaigns, Social Media traffic, and if you feel so inclined, you can get all of this information on your smart phone. There are many analytics applications that you can sync to your account, giving you instant access to your data no matter where you are. Unless of course, your mobile carrier gets spotty service when you are near a tree… there is a cloud in the sky… it’s a Tuesday… we’ll leave that for another post.

So there you have it. If you have a site, you should be tracking it in some way. Google Analytics is not the only solution, but we like it. A lot. And who knows? You might have it already and not even know it! Ask whoever is in charge of managing your website. If they are unsure of whether or not you are tracking your stats or don’t think it is necessary, they may not be the person you want in charge of your online presence. Just sayin’.

If you still have questions regarding all of this analytics talk, you can read more here. Or write in the comments and we can answer your questions there.


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